After a highly successful 2017 from all involved at Elegance Productions we would like to thank everyone who has played a huge part in making this year so special for us all. We are so grateful for our audience and none of this would be possible without any of you. This year has seen us sell out all of our performances every night for Bootcamp & Cinderella and we would like to wish you all a Very Special Christmas and The Happiest Of New Year's

  Cinderella Cast 2017 @ Lee Valley Theatre

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Hannah Mary Jenkins

Anthony Woodward

Lynn Alshehab

Dean Aldridge

Andre-Lamar Mason

Lisa Crockett

Written & Directed by
Kerry Williams

'It's happened to us all, your driving along minding your own business and them BAM!!!!! You've just been busted by a speed camera. So what do you do? Either pay the fine or agree to attend a soul destroying speed awareness course...
Ten unsuspecting criminals of speed abuse arrive for the day of torture only they all get a little bit more than they bargain for once they get there.

Elegance productions was set up in 2008 as an independent company to produce it’s first feature film “Scotland Road” Written by Kerry Williams it’s since gone on to make two shorts( in association with 53 North Productions) and this our first ever play!


Meet the Dean family and share with them the dilemmas of the modern day life!

A dysfunctional family where there’s definitely never a dull moment!

There antics are often humours and endearing… Then follow there poignant journey as there younger sister “Jess” lives life on the Transplant list!

A heart felt and honest account of what life is like hoping, praying and waiting for that all important call!!!

Meet The Dean's


Written by Kerry Williams

Directed by Tina Malone

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