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Written & Created by Kerry Williams

Big Brenda the first of six tales for Children

Big Brenda is the kindest blue bird in all of windy wood

A funny and endearing story about the importance of eating well

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Scotland Rd

Is one of the most famous and notorious roads in Liverpool. Full of characters and drama.

The film captivates this perfectly, using child actors as the spoof gangsters and business men, who are trying to earn a living anyway they know how!
When SEAN (a new comer) arrives on Scotland rd things are really shaken up.
SEAN"S a small time business man with big dreams ,who unfortunately gets caught up in a world he knows nothing of and he begins to doubt his stay.

Until one day he meets his new friends VINNIE from 'Just been battered (The chippy across the street) and TOMMO from the local pub, both our big characters of Scotland rd and take Sean to there hearts..
With there friendship sealed and anew  business set up between them. things are now starting to look up!

That is until a  local gang hears of his arrival and money making and want rid, insisting he pays up or packs up!

Chaos erupts and a massive bullying story line commences with funny and often disastrous consequences.
A quirky film "without ambiguous violence"

Why Me?

A film about cancer?  Cancer isn't fussy, it targets who it wants and when it wants. On hearing the news, Cancer sufferers are often burdened with uncertainty and disbelief and a cloud of fog shadows there every thought! 

Optimism! Positivity! Hope! And the over whelming desire to fight. Not to mention the endless researching.The willing yourself to live and the journey to make yourself better. Why Me? A story of the power of spirit and learning about the things in life that matter most. Family, Friends, belly aches of laughter and of course enormous amounts of love.

The human heart is the greatest story teller of them all and our story certainly reflects this. This film is funny, endearing and heartwarming and one not to be missed.